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Keyword Search Help

You can enter one or more words/phrases in the Search Media text box, separated by spaces. A multi-word phrase is created by surrounding two or more words with double quotes ( " ).

For example:

' man bites dog ' is three separate one-word phrases
' man "bites dog" ' is a one-word phrase (man) and a two-word phrase (bites dog)
' "man bites dog" ' is one three-word phrase

The first example would match each word separately.

The second would match "man" and "bites dog" separately, with exactly one space between "bites" and "dog".

Quote marks have another effect on the search; they restrict the match to a word boundary. For example, if you enter 'man' without enclosing quotes it will match "man" or "woman", because "man" appears as a part of "woman". If you add quotes, i.e., ' "man" ', it will match "man" or "big man" but it will not match the "man" portion of "woman".